Rules & Regulations

1. The Competition, as part of the Canadian Chopin Festival 2010, will be held in Mississauga Ontario at the John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre between March 1 and March 7, 2010.

2. The Juries of the screening and live competition will consist of prominent Canadian and International musicians. The members of the Jury will be announced at a later date.

3. The Competition is open to Canadian pianists in two categories:

Born in 1994 or later

Born in the years 1980 – 1993

Previous first prize winners are not eligible to compete in the same division

4. Applications and all required materials must be received by the Canadian Chopin Festival 2010 by November 9, 2009.

The Third Canadian Chopin Piano Competition
4300 Cawthra Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 1V8


a) Proof of age and Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status.
b) A certified cheque or money order (non-refundable) made out to: Canadian Chopin Festival 2010


c) A brief biography
d) Two letters of recommendation from prominent pianists or teachers of national standing stating that the applicant is prepared to enter the competition. One letter should be from the applicant’s teacher.
e) CD recording of the applicant performing works as follows:
JUNIOR DIVISION – One etude by Chopin, one nocturne by Chopin and one additional work by Chopin.
SENIOR DIVISION – Two etudes by Chopin, one nocturne by Chopin, one mazurka by Chopin and any one additional work chosen from the list of works required for the Preliminary Round.
The CD must be clearly labeled, including applicant’s name and list of recorded works in order.
f) Documents showing musical studies and artistic achievements (ie. diplomas, awards, recital programs, reviews)
g) One recent photograph of the applicant, 300dpi resolution form on disc or good quality 4” x 6” glossy print.


5. Prospective applicants should be aware that winning the Third Canadian Chopin Piano Competition does not mean automatic acceptance to the 16th International Chopin Piano Competition. Those intending to compete in Mississauga and Warsaw must submit TWO SEPARATE APPLICATIONS.

6. The Admissions Committee, chaired by the Artistic Director will select no more that 22 applicants for each division without specifying the reason for its decision. All applicants will be notified by mail or email of acceptance or rejection by December 18, 2009. Decisions of the Admissions Committee are final and irrevocable and no legal action may be taken against them.

7. Acceptance of the application constitutes an agreement between the Canadian Chopin Festival 2010 and the applicant regarding his/her participation in the Third Canadian Chopin Piano Competition on the terms stipulated by the present set of rules and regulations.

8. By sending the Application Forms, applicants agree that they will receive no fees for any public Competition performances they give as a part of the Competition or Award Ceremonies, and that they waive any and all rights to such performances. Applicants further agree that the performances given by them as a part of the Competition or Award Ceremonies may be distributed in part or all, live by electronic means, or recorded by any means in whatever form, and may be distributed at any future time in any or all media. Applicants further agree that all rights to their Competition or Award performances will become the property of the Maximilian Kolbe Foundation, its assignees or licensees.

9. All travel and accommodation expenses related to participation in the Canadian Chopin Competition are the responsibility of the participant.

10. All contestants will be required to attend a briefing session on the evening of February 28, 2010 (Senior Division) or March 4, 2010 (Junior Division) and at the same meeting draw for the order of performance.

11. Competitors will choose their program from the required repertoire listed below. All works in the Competition must be performed from memory, and in their entirety, unless otherwise specified by the Jury. Performances that exceed the specified time limit may be interrupted by the Jury. Any changes to the program must be presented to the Competition Committee no later than January 15, 2010.

12. The performances of the Competition will be held in public.

13. The total time allotted for each performance is to be taken as inclusive of applause and pauses between movements and works.

14. All winners of the Competition agree to participate gratuitously in the Gala Concert at the end of the Competition. The program for this concert will be chosen by the Artistic Director in agreement with the performers.ya i plan on going there

15. The Artistic Director reserves the right to make decisions concerning all organizational matters. Decisions of the Artistic Director are final and irrevocable. No legal action may be taken against the Canadian Chopin Festival 2010, its organizing committee or Jury.

16. No videotaping, audio taping, or photography will be permitted by the public during the Competition or Gala Concert.

17. The Gala Concert will take place on March 7, 2010 in the Koerner Hall of the Royal Conservatory TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning.

18. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

First prize $3,000
Second prize $2,000
Third prize $1,000

First prize $10,000
Second prize $7,500
Third prize $5,000

The first prize includes a series of concerts in Canada and the USA Dates TBA.

The First, Second and Third Prize includes:
Airfare and accommodation to compete in the Preliminary Round of The 16th International F.Chopin Competition in Warsaw.

A separate application, due December 1, 2009 is required by the competition in Warsaw.