The Canadian Chopin Piano Competition

Canadian-Chopin-Competition-photoAs part of its mission to promote the music of Chopin and nurture the development of young musicians, The Canadian Chopin Society is proud to present the Canadian Chopin Piano Competition.

The Canadian Chopin Piano Competition takes place every five years, in conjunction with the International F. Chopin Piano Competition held in Warsaw, Poland. The competition is open to Canadian pianists, and there are two divisions; Junior and Senior.

Competitors perform works by Chopin for a jury of internationally renowned pianists. Competitors have the opportunity to hear other pianists from across the country perform the music of Chopin, to attend workshops and concerts, and to receive feedback from the adjudicators on their interpretations.

In the Senior division, repertoire requirements reflect the requirements of the International Chopin Competition, and the top prize winners receive airfare and accommodation to travel to Poland to participate in the preliminary round pending acceptance.